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"Motivation to excel is the key to success for our customers and QSS"


About QS2

QSS aims to provide its customers with the best satisfactory solution for their problems using cutting edge technology, to become a market-leader in its field and to provide innovative solutions for our customers. With these aims in mind QSS will be able to attain the best solution for customers.

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is a latest lims concept of Quality Software Solutions. The redesign and the new set up have been developed keeping one key idea in focus:

“Lims should be making life in a laboratory easier”

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Dedicated Solutions

Using our knowledge and expertise of developing and implementing lims we have also provided customers with dedicated solutions. Below you can find some of our projects already in use !

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Welcome to the website of Quality Software Solutions

Quality Sofware Solutions (qs2) has been founded in 2001 and has its main focus on developing solutions for the (petro) chemical / Laboratory enviroment. However our expertise can be valueble in a wide scope.

Our expertise is based on our knowledge, experience and motivation. We believe that expertise begins with a bachelor or university educational background in chemistry, IT or process improvement. All our employees have an insight knowledge of IT, extending from UNIX, Linux to Microsoft.

Our experience in many laboratories in different business environments has given us the flexibility to adapt our software to your way of working, culture and quality concerns. We understand that software is made by people for people.

Quality Software for Quality Solutions